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Welcome to my site. I am Larry and I’m a copywriter, author, SEO Marketing Specialist and Social Media Marketer. I am here to help you transform your thoughts, emotions, and desires into client actions.

One of the hardest parts of creating any product that consists of words is transferring what’s in your mind into a finished masterpiece. Presently I’ve written 4 books, created sales pages and blog posts as well as web pages that draw people into wanting more info.

Creating the Message you Need

As a published author I recognize the words needed to transport your client to the place where they find the answers they seek. Scenes, by way of words, evoke thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are sure to create the world we want to take them to. The world where we are positioned as the one with the ability to meet their needs. Click here for services offered and click here to find check out my published works.

“Open Sesame,” he said.

In the book, “One Thousand and One Nights, Ali Baba is given the puzzle of opening the cave door. It is only when he chooses the correct combination of words that he finds the door swinging open for him. This is very similar to using SEO Marketing. The right words used open the doors needed and create that income you desire. For more info on why you need to find someone that recognizes this and has experience in using SEO you can go here and learn more.

Social Media Marketing

One of the ways that Google is moving when crawling sites, is toward much more of a social, interactive, nature. They are ranking the interaction, socially, of the site and how it interacts with other sites and people’s reactions to it. This makes how people react, share, and interact with it one of the most important things when creating material.